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A&A Transport Management

A&A Transport Management is a family-owned business offering the services of an External Transport Manager for Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and parts of South Yorkshire. Based in Nottingham and operating throughout the Midlands, our aim is to help your haulage business meet and maintain compliance requirements for your Operator’s License. 

What is an External Transport Manager?

External transport managers are competent professionals who generally work for small to mid-sized operators, to ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy and that their drivers are compliant with drivers' hours rules. The law requires that before an operator’s license is granted the operator must have in place a suitably qualified and experienced CPC holder (this is not the same as the drivers CPC). 

What requirements must an External Transport Manager meet?

According to the requirements set out by the Senior Traffic Commissioner in 'Statutory Document No. 3 - Transport Managers', a designated transport manager must meet the requirements of Article 4 as follows:

  • They must be of good repute; 

  • They must be professionally competent; and,

  • External transport managers must not be prohibited from acting as a transport manager by a traffic commissioner. They must also only be designated to act in that capacity for a maximum of 4 operators with a combined maximum total fleet of 50 vehicles. Or a smaller number if the traffic commissioner considers appropriate.

What is an External TM?

Why Choose A&A?

Many owner-drivers, small and medium sized businesses do not have sufficient requirements to employ a full-time transport manager. To navigate this issue, they can instead choose to employ the services of an external transport manager. This is where A&A Transport Management comes in. Our professional, transparent and personable ways of working will ensure your compliance needs are met and maintained for your Operator’s License.

With over 15 years in strategic management of sales and logistics of a Midlands based delivery business, our in depth experience of challenges to a business allows us to be dynamic in the support we can offer to our clients. We feel it is important to not only help our clients stay safe and compliant, but also to help them understand the risks involved with non-compliance and how this can affect their business, with the goal to help them improve or maintain their Operator Compliance Risk Score.

Our Services

What is included in our services?

  • Complete Operator compliance audit and recommendations.

  • Help to ensure full compliance and implementing systems to ensure on going compliance.

  • Tachograph analysis for drivers' hours compliance and handling any infringements. 

  • Weekly catch ups.

  • Monthly site visits.

  • On-going advice. 

If you want to know more about how we can help you, get in touch with us today. 

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